AuditVisor provides a wide range of assurance, tax, and advisory services. Assurance services include external audits and reviews of financial statements, internal audits, agreed-upon procedures, and fraud risk assessment. Tax services include preparation of tax returns for organizations, tax planning and consulting in relation to payroll tax, social security, and sales and income tax. Advisory services include feasibility studies, business valuation, internal control assessment, risks assessment, and designing financial and accounting systems.


Audit and Assurance

In a global world, characterized by extensive regulation, increased complexities, and complete integration of information technology with value chain processes, businesses face many challenges. Competing goals and conflict of interest are evident in today business. Our assurance services take the audit from a strategic, integrated approach and consider both audit risks and business risks when planning our engagements. We focus on adding credibility to and improving the quality of information used by stakeholders. 

Audit and Assurance services include:

External audit: We offer statutory audits of financial statements as per IFRSs or as per US GAAP, reviews of financial statements, agreed-upon procedures, service organization attestation, and special audits. Our integrative approach to carrying audits is guided, inter alia, by business risks that affect our clients’ ability to achieve their objectives. In this way, our audits will go side by side with clients’ needs. 

Internal audit: We provide a full range of internal audit services including: 

Operational audits. These services focus on the evaluation of the efficiency, effectiveness, and economy of operations and include functional audits, organizational audits, and special audits.

Compliance audits. These services include compliance with company policies and procedures, HSE standards, contracts, and external regulations and laws. 

IT audits. These services incorporate audits on general IT controls, application controls, operating systems, IT network components, and audits of ERPs such as SAP. 

We follow an integrated approach to carrying out internal audits and consider financial, operational, compliance and IT elements.  


Tax Services

Current regulations are changing and new ones are emerging. Keeping abreast of and being complaint with these developments in ever-changing world presents a challenge to companies. Moreover, operating in various countries with different tax laws magnifies that challenge. Non-compliance with tax regulations would put your business at risk and adversely affect your cash position. 

We offer a wide range of services including preparation of tax returns for individuals, partnerships and corporations, tax planning, and tax consulting in relation to payroll tax, social security, and sales and income tax.


Advisory Services

The world is changing rapidly and today capabilities are not up to tomorrow needs. Many powerful companies that missed out on learning have been kicked out of the market or failed to achieve a breakthrough because of their resistance to change. Advisory services will make your company more agile and adaptive to the fast-changing environment. We help our clients achieve their strategic business objectives, create new businesses, utilize new opportunities, manage risks, and design effective internal control and risk management systems. 

Advisory services include: 

Governance, risk and control (GRC) consulting: These services include designing policies and procedures relevant to GRC, helping clients establish internal audit activities, assessment of ethics and compliance programs, consulting on and evaluation of enterprise risk management (ERM), leveraging information systems governance and risk assessment in accordance with best practices (e.g., COBiT, and ISO). 

Valuations and appraisals: These services include carrying out business valuations, business plans, and financial feasibility studies (technical and market feasibility studies will be carried out by our reputable partner companies). 

Designing financial and managerial information systems: These services include designing accounting manuals, and procurement manuals. 

Training and facilitative services: We provide a broad range of training and facilitation services on various areas including internal control, risk management, control self-assessment, and benchmarking. We also provide reviews courses for professional certifications such as the CMA, and CIA.