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Training on Internal Control 

In cooperation with Yemen Career, AuditVisor will provide a training course on Internal Control utlizing COSO framework. 
This course aims to help participants analyze internal control effectiveness in achieving an organization's reporting, operational and complianceobjectives. 
The COSO integrated internal control framework will be used as the standard reference for such analysis and evaluation. Several cases will be utlized to this end. Recommendations to strengthen internal control will be evaluated from a cost-benefit analysis. 
 The course will help participants: 
  • Understand the COSO framework and the difference between a principle-based vs. a rule-based framework 
  • Identify and analyze risks to achieve an organization's objectives
  • Analyze responses to the risk identified
  • Identify the interrelationships among components of internal control 
  • Evaluate the combined role of the components in achieving an organization's objectives